Not overly technical but scenic and fun, this route is graded Severe only because of the lower section.


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FATMAP difficulty grade



Like its neighbouring route (Karamel), this line is not overly challenging except for a tough section low down.

Like Karamel, the toughest bit of the route can be avoided by getting onto a jeep track and following this back to the chairlift. The route is reached via a 5 minute, short but sharp ride uphill and the start is clearly signposted.

Despite what the official bike park map shows, this line actually begins right next to Karamel, so follow our line and not the paper map! The terrain at the top is open and peaceful, and you can wind down the narrow singletrack whilst enjoying the ambience and not worrying too much about any technicality.

Cruising down through open meadows, past grazing cows, is a thoroughly enjoyable way of moving through the mountains on a bike.

Things get trickier as you leave the meadows behind and drop into denser forests.

The terrain is, again, not overly technical but it gets increasingly challenging as you descend further, and the whole route gets the specified grade because of a brief section on Black Karamell.

If you walk the trickiest bits of that route then this line drops a grade. One option is to finish off by going down Bubba's, which is a nicer way of getting back to the lift than just following the jeep track.

Karamel, Bubba's, Unnamed and the jeep track all eventually meet and lead you back along a shared-use biking/hiking trail (control your speed and be careful of pedestrians) to the chairlift.