Cruise through the Silver Star forests on this easy jaunt


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This is a great little trip which is ideally suited to getting a bit of fresh air and exercise before breakfast.

The route starts right from Silver Star village and begins on a nice, wide and easy jeep track which is signposted clearly the whole way.

The village itself is pretty small so within a couple of minutes of leaving your surroundings feel disarmingly wild, and they really are! You'll be sharing the terrain with plenty of wildlife, so take a bear spray despite the proximity to civilisation. As you roll through the forests and meadows the ambience is charming, and the dappled sunlight is fabulous if you set out early enough.

Speaking of which, mornings at Silver Star are pretty chilly even in the height of summer, so don't set off with nothing more than a t-shirt! When the jeep track ends you'll find yourself on a narrow (but easy) and undulating trail which features nothing more challenging than some little trees roots.

Enjoy rolling around through the forest without having to think too much about the riding itself - you'll have plenty of challenge still to come if you're planning on riding the bike park later! The whole area through which this ride passes is littered with trails and nordic ski trails (some of which are off limits, and clearly signposted accordingly) so there's plenty of exploration to be done if you come here a few times.

Just use our line as a starting point and go from there!