Ride up through gorgeous forests and down a fun, technical singletrack


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A much more featured and challenging descent than some of its neighbours, Snake Pit is a superb descent for those who like their riding technical.

There's not much flow to the line and very few berms - this line is all about continually interesting, tech-y singletrack.

Snake Pit can be ridden from the Comet Express chairlift but we've described it here as an XC route reached from the Paradise trail and the Cross Mountain Trail.

The up-tracks can be ridden in either direction (so watch out for riders coming downhill when you're riding up) but they provide a not-too-tough route up the hill. Once you've done the tough bit (the uphill) it's time for the fun bit - the downhill! Snake Pit is root-filled and narrow for much of its length, and it also passes over the fun little wooden bridges.

Some of the root sections features 30cm-ish drops but there's not much that could be considered a jump. Snake Pit passes through some open meadows (which are ski runs in winter) but it's mainly in forests and this gives it a lovely ambience.

The views across the north Okanagan aren't bad either! The trail joins World Cup at the bottom - follow this for a few switchbacks and then roll back into the village.