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With berms, bumps and jumps this is a great way to start a day at the Silver Star bike park.

The line is only short by local standards, but it packs a punch and is a good wakeup call before you hit some of the longer and tougher trails which are accessed from the Comet Express chairlift. The chairlift itself can actually be reached from Silver Star village via the easy Comet Traill (which is a wide track all the way) but doing Blast Off is a much better way of getting to the lift.

Not only does it provide a good warmup, but it's an excellent trail in itself and seeing as you'll probably end up riding it a few times per day, it's fun to try and learn and perfect it in a way that you can't with longer and more remote lines.

The more you master this line the better it feels, so put some time into learning it! Difficulty wise, the route is trickier than Challenger or Paradise, but slightly less demanding than Jedi Mind Trick or Snake Pit.

It's more of the flow side of the spectrum, and doesn't feature much technical terrain.

Expect berms rolls, jumps and the occasional rutted braking zone and you won't be too far off.

Having ridden this line and reached the foot of the Comet Express chairlift a day in one of BC's best bike parks awaits but you'll find yourself taking a few laps on this trail before the day is over!