A long and easy cruise down a beautiful part of Silver Star mountain.


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FATMAP difficulty grade



With very little technicality, this loooooong roll down the hill is pure Type 1 fun.

The trail isn't a jeep track; it's a real biking route but it's about as easy as they get. There are no compulsory jumps and virtually no technical sections or steep parts to worry about other than a few brief sections of roots.

About half a dozen times on the descent the trail splits and there is a blue and a green option.

The green option on each of these occasions is easy, but the blue option provides some basic technical sections which will provide a little more of a challenge than the bulk of this route. Overall the whole of Challenger is flowy, and with the absence of jumps only adding to this.

The sense of flow is only added to because the trail winds down through some gorgeous, peaceful forests.

The ambience matches the trail perfectly, with easy riding meeting bucolic scenery and a chairlift to access it all! One thing to keep in mind when riding this trail is that it intersects many other Silver Star bike park routes, so you'll need to keep an eye out for other riders at the various junctions you go through.

The trails are all clearly signposted so (provided you're paying attention!) you shouldn't have any navigational issues.

Enjoy the easy riding, the great scenery and the wonderful Silver Star ambience, then ride the chairlift up for another lap, or a a trip down Jedi Mind Trick or Shazam - the logical next steps after this line.