A technical challenge down a quiet part of the hill


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Ending in Silver Star village rather than at the foot of the Comet Express chairlift, this is a slightly shorter trail than some of the others around here.

It was only created in 2022 so when we rode it (that same year) it was still somewhat dusty and needed a bit of bedding in.

It was still great fun and is likely to become a Silver Star classic once it's had a few thousand sets of tires down it! The route is much more technical than many other Silver Star trails at this difficulty level, and although it doesn't feature any significant jumps, it's bumpy and full of root-y and rocky sections, some of which are quite steep.

The trail winds in and out of trees (hence the roots) and passes through a bit more open terrain than some of the tighter trails on the other side of the chairlift.

The trail eventually deposits you in a new housing development to the west of the village centre.

From here, follow the paved road into the village centre.

Once in the village, get off your bike and push it - it's forbidden to ride through the village centre and anyone who disobeys the rules will quickly get told to dismount! Once back in the village there are plenty of places to get some food and drink, after which you can head down Blast Off and take another lap on the chairlift.

Most of the other trails of this grade at Silver Star are slightly easier than this, so if you found this trail OK, it might be time to try a black trail!