A classic hiking tour with a beautiful view of the impressive Serles northface.


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The starting point for this hike is located at the bottom of the Patscherkofel gondela.

You can get there by car or with the J bus line straight out of the city centre of Innsbruck. At the beginning of the hike you follow the trail to the Heiligwasser chapel, a place with a strong christian background.

Feel free to try if the water of the spring also has an impact on your well-being, while you enjoy the view over the Inn valley. Now you follow the track further uphill and cross the skiing slope.

Back in the shade of the trees you keep hiking until the the Almenweg 1600 is reached and directs you towards the Patscher hut.

If no clouds block the view, the following trail offers a perfect view of the Serles peak and the higher Stubaier alps, where you can spot the remaining glacier icefields. When the open meadows end and the trail reaches the forest again the route follows the edge of the forest and turns left (south) at the parting of the way until a gravel road is reached. You then have to follow this road for two turns, until the Patscher hut is reached and awaits its guest with a view over Innsbruck and the mighty Nordkette and some good food. This route follows a slightly different route for the descent.

Families with kids might want to descend via the uphill route.

A few meters after the first turn of the gravel road you head onto the hiking trail on the right (east) and until the gravel road is reached.

The trail continues onto this road until a crossroad leads to the trail we took uphill.

Instead of crossing the slope this time you take the steeper but faster trail down the mountain to the parking lot.