A long hiking loop over the Morgenkogel ridge with a stunning view


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



The hike starts at the beginning of the small and rather unfrequented Viggar Valley. A small parking lot offers the possibility to go there by car, but the 4141 bus from Innsbruck main station to the bus stop Ellbögen Mühltal will also get you there.

The hike starts next to the barn in the direction of the Profegl hut above the Mühltal.

Keep on following the smaller hiking trail to this hut while crossing the gravel road a few times.

When the Profegl hut is reached, the trail gets steeper and starts to aim for the Morgenkogel peak. As you climb the landscape changes and after reaching the tree line the view opens further with every step. Arriving at the ridge, the trail turns left (east) and offers the opportunity for a short break, before you tackle the last meters to the top. The Morgenkogel peak offers a nice view over surrounding mountains.

With a closer look you can spot a few skiing resorts you may know from the winter season.

Between the Patscherkofel peak and the Viggarspitze the famous - but probably crowded - Zirbenweg trail appears on the other side of the valley. This routes descends via the west ridge.

The trail follows the easy terrain of the ridge over the Morgenköpfl until the Niederstraßer forest is reached. Back in the shade of the forest, the trail follow the straight line down, crossing the gravel road two times times.

At the third crossing of the gravel road, the route turns right (north) and descents in direction of the Patscherkofel. The route uses the second opportunity to turn left (south) and follows this trail until the parking is lot is reached.