A gorgeous hike through peaceful forests and flower-laden meadows


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This shared-use trail is popular with both hikers and bikers, but not so popular that you're likely to see many other people; you'll quickly escape the bustle of the village and find yourself in beautiful forests and wide open meadows. The trail is extremely well signposted and is always clear and easy, so there's virtually no navigation required and absolutely no technical challenge.

The only navigational issues that may arise will come from the many XC ski routes that this trail crosses, but these are clearly marked, as is this trail and its distinctive green signs.

If you're not on a clear trail with signposts at every junction, then you've somehow managed to get lost! The route can be done without the extension around Sidewinder, in which case the distance is reduced by roughly 3km, but doing the extended loop is highly recommended as it takes you to the wildest and most remote part of the hike.

The terrain throughout is wonderful, with gorgeous forests interspersed with flower-filled meadows and a few epic vistas across the northern Okanagan.

Be aware that you're unlikely to be the only species out enjoying the ambience, so keep an eye out for bears while doing this loop - we spotted one just off the trail when we were researching it! Please note that even those who simply want to explore the Silver Star trails are required to buy a hiking pass, so make sure you call in at the ticket office in the village centre and pick one up before starting your trip.