Hiking round to one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Austrian alps.


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This wonderful hike starts at the end of Stubai valley at the Gamsgarten gondola station, which you can get to by car or the nr.

590 bus from Innsbruck. In the beginning of the hike you cross two small rivers with clear but ice cold glacier water, and you’ll begin to get a sense of the wild alpine terrain this route leads to. Follow the trail uphill and leave the last trees behind and enter a wide and open bit of terrain with a mixture of grassland, grey rocks and little colourful flowers. As the trail gets flatter and follows the terrain leftwards (south) you can enjoy the stunning view over the nearby white glacier with its exposed grey peaks.

Keep your height with a traverse to the south, crossing two wild streams until the outer (außerer) Mutterbergbach stream is reached. The route then follows the Stubaier Höhenweg, continuing westwards and catching the last meters up to the Mutterberger lake.

You can rest here, while enjoying this stunning panorama of the lake with the Stubaier alps in the background.

If you’re brave enough, take a swim in this crystal clear but (due to its glacial origin) ice-cold lake. Refreshed from the cold water you keep on following the Stubaier Höhenweg until a gravel road crosses the trail.

Take this one down through the steep Wilde Gruben till the parking lot is reached for a nice ending of this Mutterberger lake trail.