A nice loop to a hut at the bottom of the Solstein peaks.


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The hike to the Neue Magdeburger hut starts from the train station Hochzirl, which you can get to by car or with the S6 train from Innsbruck or Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

More experienced hikers can also start at the entrance of the Ehnbachklamm.

From the train station you follow the hiking trail eastwards down in to the Ehnbachklamm gorge.

As the trail gets crossed by another trail for the third time, the trail continues going straight in direction of the gorge.

You then get to a viewpoint with a nice vista down into the Ehnbachklamm. The route then reaches the bottom of the gorge, where you may refill your bottle.

Be aware that this part may be closed after heavy rainfall due to flooding risks at the Ehnbachklamm.

As the trail gets narrower and narrower the uphill begins. The route turns left (east), following the Brunntal trail for a few meters, until it turns to the right (south-east) again through an open forest with some weekender huts.

Keep on following the trail uphill in the direction of the Möslkopf, until it reaches the ridge of the Hochwandkopf.

As you reach the ridge overlooking the Inn valley, follow it eastwards around the Hochwandkopf.

This little peak offers an easy opportunity to get a great view of the surrounding area. From the crossroad near the Hochwandkopf the Pletzensteig trail gently gains height, going straight (north) to the Neue Magdeburger hut.

On the way to the hut, you will traverse some smaller ridges, which will be more tiring than they initially appear.

The Neue Magdeburger hut then is reached, sitting above the Kranebitter gorge, at the bottom of the Solstein peaks.

While taking a break and refilling your energy and water bottles at the hut you'll eventually spot some hikers on the Sollstein peaks. The descent route follows a steeper trail downhill from the hut.

It crosses a gravel road a few times until it reaches a little picnic place.

From this resting point onwards, the trail follows the Brunntal trail until the pathway down into the Ehnbach gorge is reached.

The route then continues west with a last uphill section out of the gorge to the parking lot, where this nice loop route ends!