A beautiful easy hike to a sunny vantage point above Innsbruck.


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You can easily reach this hike from the city centre by bike or the bus line A Sadrach/Allerheiligenhöfe to the stop Sadrach.

Following the Planötzenhofstraße you will reach the beginning of the trail at the parking next to the Planötzenhof.

Here you turn to the left where the gravel road leads you into the forest until the Höttinger Bild chapel is reached.

From the chapel the route continues to the left (west) onto a wonderful small forest trail , never going very steep but gently inclining on the hillside heading to the west.

Follow the path until it crosses the gravel road which you have to follow for a few hundred meters before the forest track continues going north on the right side.

Once you encounter a parting of the ways, stay on the right side (going uphill) that leads you directly to the spring of the Rauschbrunnen hut.

Enjoy this beautiful view with a cold drink on the sunny terrace. Don't miss a visit to the scenic modern chapel built out of arolla pines wood a few meters above the Rauschbrunnen hut.

Smelling the wood and taking a moment to relax makes this place a special one! For the descent follow the ascent route.