Pembys best blue trails.


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



On this ride you'll get to rail some of the best corners in the Sea to Sky! Climb up from the Mackenzie basin parking lot all the way up to Middle Earth.

From here, you will take some technical singletrack up past some phenomenal views of the Pemberton Valley.

The descent starts with some blue singletrack before a short pedally section brings you out onto some rocks.

Pause here to admire the valley before dropping down some short rock features and then into possibly some of the best long sweeping corners that the Sea to Sky has to offer.

The speed is high and flows well from one into the next before bringing you out onto the Fire road at the top of Overnight Sensation.

To keep the descent blue, you will traverse this road and up to the exit of the Nimby.

Take this down for a short section before you reach a ski on a tree.

This is the start of Max Pains, which continues the theme of fast flowy bermed corners.

This connects you directly into Back Pains for a fast descent all the way down to Waco.

Towards the bottom, there are a series of fun jumps, including an optional creek jump! Once at Waco, you will connect this to lower Mackensie cruise to bring you all the way to the valley floor.

Enjoy the pleasant pedal next to the river all the way back to the car! Best done in the spring or the fall when the dirt is tacky and the temperatures are a little lower.