A shorter loop hike in Whistler with spectacular views of Rainbow Falls.


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Rainbow Falls is a short hike just minutes from Whistler with stunning views of its namesake waterfall.

If you're in Whistler and have a couple of hours to spare, this hike should absolutely top your list.

It's one everyone in the family will enjoy and a common way to access the longer Rainbow Lake hike.

Should you have the time, a spur trail leads away from the loop and offers even better views of the falls. A complete loop, this route is often considered one of the easier adventures near town, but others may find the change in elevation more moderate in difficulty.

It's extremely scenic, open to leashed pets, and a great way to dip your toes into Whistler's world-renowned hiking. The hike begins just a short drive from town on Alta Lake Road, or you could plan a longer day and utilize one of the many connecting trails seen on the map.

The parking area can host just over a dozen cars, so plan an early start on holidays and weekends.

*Note:* The trail is often muddy and sightings of grizzly bears are not uncommon, so plan accordingly.

Bear spray is highly recommended on most trails in the area. Source: [10adventures.com](https://www.10adventures.com/hikes/whistler/rainbow-falls-loop/)