This full day and diverse hike passes beaches, docks, historical monuments, a museum and interesting architecture.


5 - 6









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This route is one of the most diverse routes in the Berlin area as you will pass through beautiful urban areas such as Hennigsdorf and you also travel through Tegeler Forst (nördl.

Teil) which is a typical, thick, high coniferous Berlin forest.

The water bodies and views are also very diverse and range from the boats on the shore of Grober Malchsee to the beach and blue waters of Strandbad Tegeler See, and the cute ferry crossing across the Havel.

Not only this but you will also travel across interesting bridges and pass museums and sculptures.

An action packed day for the fit hiker.

Note: be sure to check ferry timetable and prices. To access the route just head to Tegel-Berlin Station on the 'S' line.

You then have to walk NW through an urban area to reach the first highlight of the route, walking around Grober Malchsee docks and crossing the Tegeler Hafenbrücke.

The Grober Malchsee boasts a diverse set of boats and some impressive riverside property as well amazing southerly views of Lake Tegel.

The Tegeler Hafenbrucke, built in 1908 is a half timber, half steel bridge spanning the mouth of the Tegeler Hafen and the Tegeler Flieb. Keeping the docks on your left, continue around the lake in a NW direction where you will pass the Hannah Höch Monument and follow the shore around until you are heading S.

Continue until you reach the next highlight, the Strandbad Tegeler See which is a beach with surprisingly blue waters.

You can also choose to walk a little further and visit the southerly facing part of this beach which can be less busy and more likely to be in the sun.

Head W from here and catch the ferry from the end of Jöstrasse.

Head N from hear up the banks of the Havel where you will pass more man-made beaches