An varied hike through a gorge to a traditional hut.


2 - 3









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The hike to the Jausenstation Brunntal starts at the entry of the Ehnbachklamm gorge.

The trail guides you along the Ehnbach stream deeper into the gorge.

Especially on hot days, the cold and moist air offers a refreshing contrast to the heat of the sunny valleys.

When you reach the dam either walk around it or use the direct route via an easy and short down climbing section on the left side to reach the bottom of the stream bed.

Make sure to check the weather before you enter the bottom of the stream as this pond could potentially fill up in heavy rain! After passing the wide and open section of the gorge (with climbing walls to both sides - see photo) the route enters a narrow trail through a lovely birch forest.

Soon the trail climbs out of the gorge on the eastern side until it reaches the Brunntalweg trail.

Now turn left (north) and follow the trail trough clearings of the forest with many weekenders huts.

Follow the yellow signs to the Jausenstation and enjoy your well deserved cold beverage and some traditional Jausn with a stunning view onto Zirl and the Inn valley. The ascent starts south of the hut and follows the Brunntalweg trail down to Zirl.

The trail guides you through the shade of a forest upwards of the gorge.

As the trail turns left (east) and allows a stunning view to the Kalkkögel, leave the Brunntalweg trail and follow a steep trail on the right side down into the valley Soon you will reach Zirl, where you have to turn right (west) to reach the beginning of the Ehnbach gorge again.