An adventures route with easy alpine climbing through a picturesque part of the stubai alps.


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



Start this route from the parking lot near the Oberissalm located at the inner Oberberg valley. The trail leads you north along a small stream in direction of the Villergruben.

The trail already started to become hard to recognize, so make sure to follow the red-white marking alongside the trail to stay on the right path.

As the trail becomes steeper and stepper it quickly gains heights until it reaches the Stubaier height-trail.

But don’t follow it, but stay on the initial trail and continue hiking westwards into the Villergruben alongside the stream.

This cirque is a very unfrequented part of the stubai alps and therefore alpine wildlife and a healthy ecosystem can be found here.

In early summer, the alpine rose colors the alpine meadows up here in stunning shades of pink - truly picturesque! Aiming for the Horntalerjoch col in between the Hoher Villerspitze and the smaller Schafgrübler, this route then guides you upwards over unmarked trails and debris fields.

As you reach the col turn right (north) to start the exposed ascent of the peak.

Follow the southridge until the terrain allows a travers to the left (west) towards a steep and rocky channel. The climbing begins with a III+ crux and continues in exposed II terrain for 3 pitches.

This easy alpine climbing requires (besides a helmet) a solid sure-footedness and a good head for heights.

Insecure alpinists should consider using a rope and up to 3 nuts for this last section. After you accomplished the climbing section, follow the ridge on an easy trail up to the peak of the Hohe Villerspitze.

This summit rewards the strenuous ascent with a stunning view deep into the valleys and onto the glaciers of the stubai alps in the south. Descent the same way down to the Horntaler col, but this time, after you reached the col, keep on following the marked trail southwards in direction of the Franz-Senn hut.

As you reach the the stubai height-trail, turn left and traverse northwards on easy terrain until you reach the crossover where you’ll recognize the trail of the ascent.

Turn right (east) to descent onto this steep trail down to the parking lot.