The most popular descent on Mount Mansfield.









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Profanity Chute is an incredible run.

This rock lined chute descends from the summit of Mount Mansfield into rocky snowfields and tight glades.

On spring days, locals can be seen in big lines booting up to the summit of Mansfield to swing some soft turns down Profanity Chute.

But Profanity’s popularity doesn’t take away from its magic.

To access Profanity Chute, approach via the Climbing Gully.

Once at the ridge, continue north to the summit.

Once at the true summit, you will be standing above a narrow chute called Hourglass, if you want Profanity you will have to back track a little.

Profanity is not easy to spot from above and most people walk by it.

Once you have located the top, you can put your skis on.

The top half is wide open with plenty of room to swing turns.

This is probably the highlight of the run.

You are high above the trees and looking straight into Smugglers Notch.

After the half way point, the chute slopes to the skiers left and narrows to a little more than a ski length across.

This tight section is the final stretch.

This tight chute drains into open snowfields, these are littered with little trees and icefall cliffs.

If you continue left from the end of the chute, you can get through cleanly and even pick up the Profanity Trail.

Most other routes will funnel you into a natural drainage that leads back to Chin Clip.