An incredibly steep and exposed chute for only the best of skiers.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Spring Time Special is the steep chute that drops off the lookers right wall of Rock Garden.

It divides the impassive cliff band in half and terminates in the Rock Garden, usually involving 1-2 mandatory airs.

To access Spring Time Special, approach via Cliff Trail Gully and head south along the ridge.

Once you pass the Rock Garden, continue southeast along the cliff band.

Finding the top will require some scoping and difficult route finding, as well as some bushwhacking.

Beware of “sucker chutes” that look clean from above but terminate in large cliffs.

Once you are 100% sure you are at the top, drop in, the chute begins very steeply, with only about a ski length of room.

A few hop turns will bring you to the crux.

The chute chokes out and sometimes has a 5 foot mandatory air.

After this the right wall of the chute ends and becomes a 50 foot cliff.

This makes the chute a no fall zone.

Once you hop the air, you will be going fast with very little room to speed check.

After a few more turns, you’ll reach the exit straight line, which spits you into rock Rock Garden, making it very technical.

This insane line is rarely skied and should only be attempted by expert skiers who are very confident in exposed terrain.