A family hike with scenic views into the higher mountains.


2 - 3









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Two trails lead their way up to the Juifenaualm hut, both starting at the parking lot at Juifenau in the Lüsens valley. You can decide between a gravel road, which gently wiggles its way up to the hut, and a summer path with a more intense nature experience.

This route follows the narrower trail, which branches off the gravel road shortly after the gate.

Cross the little wooden bridge and follow the yellow signs and the marked trail up to the Juifenaualm hut. Leading you through the woods in easy to steep terrain, the trail crosses the gravel road for a few times before reaching a wooden hunting lodge.

Turn left (north) to continue onto the trail that takes you to the Juifenaualm hut, which sits at 2022m, just a little above the tree line.

Take a break here and enjoy the pleasant alpine atmosphere of flowering grasslands underneath the rougher ridge between Fotscher Windegg and Hühnereggen and the glacier of the inner Lüsens valley.

The descent offers the two possible routes, with the road being the knee-friendly possibility. As this tour can be done all year-round, the descent could also be done with sleds down the gravel road in the winter months.