A very exposed hanging chute that is rarely skied.









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The Booger gets its name due to the fact that it descends from The Nose, a false summit of Mansfield.

This zone is not skied very often, but on large snow years it can be done.

The best way to approach is by hiking up Old Nosedive, where the ski trail ends there is a narrow path that continues to the top.

Finding the entrance isn’t easy but it can be easily scoped from the top of the Four Runner Quad.

The Booger begins with a sketchy drop in which sometimes has a small air.

Once you’re in, you are fully committed.

Take your time on the descent, a fall to your left could send you off a massive cliff.

Continue to work your way right, following a small rock band.

Eventually the hanging ramp funnels you into a narrow chute.

The chute has a left wall now and is very tight.

This can be negotiated with a straightline or very precise hop turns.

The chute ends on the Auto Road, you can take this back to Nosedive or ski some steep woods on the Kitchen Wall.