One of the most popular hardwood glades in The Notch









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Angel Food is a wide hardwood glade that sees a lot of traffic.

This wide swath of woods is usually the first place locals go on a powder day.

From the top of the gondola, ski down Chin Clip.

After the first third of the trail, look for a sign to your left that reads “not patrolled”.

This is your entry point.

Traverse out along a narrow path until you see an open shot through the woods, this is Angel Food.

There is no defined drop in and you can traverse out for as long as you desire, but be sure to drop in sooner rather than later, or you might not be able to make it back to the resort.

Angel Food begins with widely spaced hardwoods that are about 8 feet apart, perfect for swinging long powder turns.

As you make your way down, smaller shrubs start to appear and the woods seem to get wider and deeper.

Be sure to watch for tracks so you can catch the traverse back.

This traverse will be very obvious when there are other tracks.

This will take you back to Lower Chin Clip, which you can take to the Gondola.

Another option is to ski the fall line all the way into Smugglers Notch.

The notch road is closed in the winter and can be used to skate back to the parking lot.