The most relentless inbounds line at Stowe









FATMAP difficulty grade



Pipeline follows the path of the pipes used to bring water to the Octagon building.

It is very steep and extremely tight.

From the top of the Four Runner Quad, traverse to skiers left behind below the Octagon.

Look for a very tight entrance into the evergreens, this may be hard to sniff out if there are no tracks.

The entrance requires you to do a short straightline and whack a branch out of the way.

Once you stop, you’ll see a blind roll off a steep face.

Once over the edge the whole line comes into view.

Pipeline is barely a ski length across for the entire top half.

You have to be 100% concentrated and controlled with your hop turns to avoid hitting a tree.

The top half ends abruptly in tight woods and is considered a no fall zone.

As you make your way down, some slough may move with you.

When the top half becomes too tight, there is a traverse to skiers right.

There may be a down tree in your way in early season.

The traverse brings you into a glade known as Goat Glades.