Easy hike to the statue du Christ-Roi.


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The Statue du Christ-Roi towers above the town of Les Houches and the Chamonix Valley.

Located high on the mountainside, the statue itself stands 25 meters off the ground, making it the second-highest statue in France, [according to Wikipedia](https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statue_du_Christ-Roi_(Les_Houches)).

Built in 1933-1934, the statue now serves as a logical destination for a short hike from the valley floor. The climb to the statue is a bit steep at times, but the route follows a wide doubletrack trail with a slightly rocky trail tread that is easy to navigate.

The trail switchbacks a few times as it climbs up the mountainside.

Along the way, a few small trails junction with the main track, but if you stick to the widest track, you’ll reach the statue with ease. Upon reaching the Christ-Roi, you’ll be greeted with an incredible overlook of the Chamonix Valley, the town of Les Houches, and the Mont Blanc itself as a stunning backdrop to the entire scene.

Of all the hikes in the Chamonix Valley, this hike to the Christ-Roi may be the easiest way to access such a jaw-dropping panoramic vista of the Mont Blanc! Take some time to soak in this view—it’s just absolutely, completely stunning. If you would like to reach the Christ-Roi with less elevation gain, a number of other trails in the area run to the statue.

One of the shortest routes is a quick traverse from the nearby paved road, with very little climbing required.