The trail of all trails!!! Created by a genius.


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If you class yourself as an advanced intermediate rider, then this is the one for you!! Originally built to be an easy black, all the traffic over the years has seen it become a true black and these days it’s more raw and rough.

Also it gets much harder in the wet, so aim to ride this one when it’s dry.

It’s a pretty gruelling climb to get there but you’ll get plenty of descent without losing your elevation too fast! It starts with a steep slab, so be ready to get in the zone fast! After this, there are a series of committing rock features beautifully linked together with flowy tech.

The rooty and rocky tech itself is not so steep but there is one rough rock garden to watch out for.

As you get deeper into the forest, the trail transforms to more mellow, swooping tech, with a few berms thrown in for good measure.

There are also a few optional drops and an optional hip jump to spice things up. The lower half of the trail is definitely less steep and less intimidating.

You can just rip through it as it flows so well. If you found this useful, check out for realistic trail expectations in the Sea to Sky network.