Steep chutes with trees and cliffs, accessed by a sidestepping traverse.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Bypass Chutes serves as the intro to The Kitchen Wall, a nickname given to the ridge between Gondola and the Four Runner Quad.

This zone has a few possible routes, though many of them are quite complex.

Among these is Bypass Chutes.

Right where Bypass takes its first turn down the fall line, continue straight ahead into the woods.

Immediately you are presented with the first obstacle.

A big cliff that drops right onto the traverse.

This can be skirted to skiers right.

Sidestep out as far as you feel comfortable, be aware that the early drop ins can lead to big, sketchy cliffs that are often mandatory.

The best place to drop in is right below a very large cliff, this chute is fairly steep at the top with a rock wall to skiers left.

You can see where rockfall has prevented trees from growing.

After the first few turns, there are some boulders which make good jumps in the early season.

These chutes blend into tight woods and empty out onto Rimrock.

From there you can link up with Hazelton Trail if you haven’t had enough tree skiing.