Ski Trek in to Skoki Lodge, in the Canadian Rookies, AB


5 - 6









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Skoki Lodge is situated in a beautiful high alpine region in Banff National Park.

The eleven kilometre trail from Lake Louise to the Skoki Valley makes Skoki Lodge an ideal destination for hikers and skiers of all levels.

From Skoki Lodge one can access breathtaking mountain ridges and alpine lakes, or explore five different adjoining valleys.

The trail is very well marked.

It is advised that you seek additional information prior to departure to the Lodge from either Parks Canada or Avalanche Canada.

It is also recommended that if you plan on venturing into avalanche terrain during your stay that you do so only if you have received the proper training from a reputable program, travel with experienced partners, have an emergency plan, and carry the necessary equipment (avalanche transceivers, shovels, and probes). Skoki Lodge is a backcountry lodge at an elevation of 7,100 feet (2,164 meters) in the high alpine of Banff National Park, only accessible by hiking or skiing the 11 kilometre trail that begins at the Lake Louise Ski Area. Skoki Lodge's trailhead is located just east of The Village of Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

Located approx.

184 km (115 miles) west of Calgary and 60 km (36 miles) west of the town of Banff. The GPS coordinates for Skoki Lodge are: 51' 31'23N and 116' 04'35W (these are accurate within 30 meters).