One of the most iconic trails on the Westside, anchored by a massive rock slab series.


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High Society is a longtime classic Whistler Westside double black diamond tech trail.

Unlike some of the double blacks on the Westside that feature woodwork and some bridges, High Society retains a more old-school singletrack feel that's totally bereft of manmade features. After pedaling to the top via the classic Flank Trail climbing route, the "downhill" begins with a slightly awkward uphill, traversing some up-and-down sections before the true descent kicks off.

There are some awkward sections going up and down rocky ridges, along spines, and up some root webs. The bulk of the descent begins with the marquee trail feature, known as the "High Society Slab." This cascading series of three rock slabs rolled into one can be approached in a couple of different ways.

There's a direct line that rolls down the main upper slab and funnels down the gut.

On this line, which could be considered the A Line, you just need to point it, control your speed as best you can, hang on, and let it ride! The B Line snakes down the slabs in an S-curve.

It bypasses the first slab by coming in from the left side.

This line requires you to come in slowly and then turn down left onto the lower slabs. As you can imagine, the straight line is the smoother line, even though it looks bigger and requires higher commitment.

The S-curve line is quite a bit jankier and more awkward than the straight roller, but you can negotiate it at slower speeds and with less commitment. Alternatively, you can walk down the slab.

There's no bypass line, meaning that High Society truly earns its double black diamond rating. The rest of High Society rips down the hill through some entertaining chunk, rocks, and few small slabs—but everything that follows is much easier than the crux move on the High Society Slab.

It's all fantastic Whistler rippin' down a chundery mountainside! Finish the descent off with 3 Birds to AC/DC for the most direct route down.

If you haven't had enough yet, you can turn left at the bottom of High Society and pedal back up the mountain for more gnar.

Or, you could head further right and descend a different trail down to the pavement.

The choices are limitless on the Whistler Westside.