An approachable single black diamond line on Mount Seymour that will help you hone your skills for the more challenging double blacks.


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This route combination offers a solid single black diamond run down the flanks of Mount Seymour.

To begin, you'll climb to the top using the classic climbing route of Old Buck -> Baden Powell -> Mushroom Trail.

Once on top, the fun begins! This descent follows Corkscrew -> Pingu -> Pangor, eventually ending back at the lower Mount Seymour trailhead via a connection on Boogieman to Boogie Nights.

While none of these trails might be renowned as the must-do lines on the mountain, when you combine them all together, they create a relentless top-to-bottom black diamond run. Corkscrew does wind back and forth across the mountain, but it's a fairly flowy descent with berms that help keep the speed high.

There are plenty of moderate features on this section that keep the riding quite entertaining. As you descend into Pingu and then Pangor, the trail gets progressively rougher, with plenty of natural chunder in the trail surface.

You'll blast through rough rock gardens, skitter down root webs, and launch off of small root drops.

This is rough and tumble North Shore mountain biking that's guaranteed to heat up your suspension and your brakes.

Even so, there aren't any major obstacles on this trail—it's simply a great black diamond romp for lovers of chundery mountain bike riding. The recommended way to finish a ride on this area of the mountain is by connecting through Boogieman to Boogie Nights.

Here you'll find a totally different and unexpected section of trail: a massive flow trail jump section that's filled with massive, challenging hits.

The lips on these jumps are quite steep and require full commitment, but the construction of this line was artfully and masterfully done.

Boogie Nights is a thing of beauty and a wonder to behold, even if you can't clear all the jumps. All things considered, this is a very approachable line on Mount Seymour that will help you hone your skills for the more challenging double blacks on the mountainside.