One of Mount Seymour's classic double black lines.


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Boogieman is renowned as one of Mount Seymour's epic double black diamond lines.

This long-time classic trail has seen much love over the years, including a rebuild from NSMBA. This challenging line features all manner of technical obstacles, from mandatory A-frame features, skinnies, drops, rollers, wooden rollercoasters, rocks, and more.

Expect serious exposure and high consequences on most of these features.

One skinny in particular is quite narrow and fairly elevated over a muddy creek, connecting a few slender boards with a downed tree.

There is no ride-around option available, and due to the muddy creek and other downed trees, walking around it isn't really an option.

The wooden rollercoaster is a modern addition from the rebuild, but it flows well and is a definite crowd-pleaser. In between the wooden features, there are plenty of chundery rocks, roots, and small drops in classic North Shore style. While other trails on the mountain are straight downhill bombs, Boogieman actually requires a few short climbs to connect all the iconic features and descents together. The recommended way to finish a ride on this area of the mountain is by connecting through Boogieman to Boogie Nights.

Here you'll find a totally different and unexpected section of trail: a massive flow trail jump section that's filled with massive, challenging hits.

The lips on these jumps are quite steep and require full commitment, but the construction of this line was artfully and masterfully done.

Boogie Nights is a thing of beauty and a wonder to behold, even if you can't clear all the jumps. Sources: [Dale Stone](