Epic tour in the Dolomites


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The starting point of the itinerary is Pont de Vauz, on the SR 48 that from Arabba climbs to the Pordoi Pass, which can be easily reached from Arabba by car or by bike via the cart track that from the square of the Portavescovo cable car climbs along the right bank of the Cordevole torrent.

parallel to the regional road.

Go up with the comfortable chairlift to Passo Pordoi, cross the pass and take the path that starts in front of the Sass Pordoi cable car, at the road sign for Passo Pordoi that we will find on our left, descending to the Pordoi hotel.

Go around, leaving it on your left, the Garnì Gonzaga and along the dirt road we continue downhill first to the Ciampolin Refuge and then to Pecol.

Resuming the asphalted regional road we head downhill towards Canazei, to stop at Pian Frataces, where we will find a characteristic small lake at the edge of the road; on our right, just a few meters after the Albergo Lupo Bianco and right in correspondence with the curve of the regional road, the path starts which, turning into a cart track, will take us to Canazei.

We cross the village following the signs for "Sellaronda" and head to the bus stop opposite the departure of the Pecol cable car, load the bikes on the bus and arrive comfortably at Lake Fedaia.

The more trained, as an alternative to the bus, will be able to climb to the pass by pedaling along the asphalted road, covering about 13 km and an additional 620 meters of elevation gain.

Get back on the bike, cross the dam and follow the road that runs to the base of the Marmolada reaching the opposite end of the Fedaia Pass; we leave the lake behind us and along the SR 641 downhill until just below Capanna Bill we stop at the departure of the Padon chairlift.

Load the bikes on the chairlift, we go up to Passo Padon and, with due attention, we descend on a path that will then pass into the dirt road with trail marker 699, taking us to Pescoi, at the intermediate station of the Portavescovo cable cars.

From here, following the dirt road with marker 680, you initially go up towards Porta Vescovo and then descend again towards Pont de Vauz and Arabba: at a certain point the marker 680 continues to the left with a path, but our itinerary will continue on the dirt road up to the intersection with the SR 48.

Crossed the paved road, on the opposite side from which we come, descend for a few hundred meters on meadows in the direction of the Cordevole torrent until you cross a dirt road that runs to the right of the torrent itself.

Once you have taken this road you will reach our starting point in a few minutes, or, always keeping to the right of the watercourse along the cart track, you will arrive in Arabba.