An easily-accessible enduro shuttle run with fantastic features and multiple line options.


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The Wolverine Trail is, by all accounts, the marquee trail on Lower Montana Mountain in Carcross.

Part of Wolverine's popularity is because it can be reached by either pedaling or shuttling.

You can shuttle directly to the top of the Wolverine Trail or drive higher up and add even more mileage on less-difficult trails further up the mountain. Exactly how high you can get up the shuttle road depends a bit on your vehicle and a bit on your driving skills.

Shortly after the lower trailhead, you'll hit a section of large, loose, round rocks, which can be tricky to negotiate.

However, a bit above that, the road mellows out until you get to the higher reaches, where it gets rougher again.

You can either drop in at the top of Wolverine, somewhere along Maggie's Run, or at the top of Telegraph (if you can make it that far). Maggie's to Sporting Wood is a popular way to access the top of Wolverine.

This section is a flowy, somewhat pedally intermediate descent that gives you time to get the blood flowing and the body moving, before you drop into the true gnar of Wolverine.

There are a few good roots, a few good turns, and a look down into a small gorge, but the real reason you're here is Wolverine. The fantastic Wolverine trail is filled with all manner of rock features! You'll see ledges, rock rolls, bridges into rock rolls, rock drops, rock gardens, bridges between rocks...

it's a very complex and highly entertaining trail! Despite the massive features, there's good flow between the features and good transitions between the rocks.

While in most places the trail looks quite natural, it's clear that the builders took care to design transitions into and out of the features. In the gut of the trail, all of these rocks will mean that there are usually multiple line options to choose from.

In some places, you may be faced with not only A and B lines but C and D lines as well (if you can spot them all).

For a first ride through, it's a good idea to scout the bigger features and spend some time picking out all the lines.

While this trail is fairly long, it feels like it's over all too quickly, so you might as well spend some time sessioning the coolest lines as you go! Since there are so many lines, Wolverine is actually one of the more accessible tech trails on Montana Mountain.

Trails like Goats, Grizzly Bear, and Wolf will funnel you into some challenging mandatory features.

So if you need a warmup lap, start with Wolverine. Lower Wolverine might be marked as an intermediate trail on the map, but it's not all that much easier than the upper section.

There are some loamy steep bits mixed with rocky, slabby bits, so some sections are definitely not "intermediate" in most senses of the word.

Lower Wolverine continues to offer highly entertaining riding all the way down to the trailhead.