A great warmup lap at the base of Mount Fromme.


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If you were just to pedal up and ride the Bobsled Trail on Mount Fromme, it would be a very short ride.

However, most people use this trail as a warm up lap to get the blood flowing before they really start hitting the more difficult stuff higher up the mountain.

However, if you are an intermediate rider, this is a good trail to help you dip your toes into North Shore Mountain Biking. Bobsled begins just up the main climbing road from the primary Mount Fromme trailhead.

As you might imagine, it's a flowy downhill trail without much technical challenge.

There are quite a few flowy berms and some rollers, but there's not even much in the way of jumps on this trail.

You can possibly catch some small amounts of air off of a few features, but it's modest at best.

There are also some strange rooty sections that are out of character for flow trails but definitely in character for the North Shore. As far as flow trails go, Bobsled honestly isn't all that spectacular.

You'll find way better flow trails in Squamish, and even a few sections on Seymour.

But if you want to warm up or want a hot lap, hit this popular little trail.