A fast, flowy pedal near the Cheakamus River.


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This short loop highlights the best flow trails in the Cheakamus Trail System by connecting High Side to Hi Hi to Farside.

Taken together, this is a fantastic little loop for burgeoning mountain bikers who are looking for fun and flow as they work their way up to the more technical demands of the rest of Whistler's trail system. Begin the ride from one of the main Cheakamus trailheads by pedaling up the forest service road.

At the far end of the loop, you'll climb a bit up the See Colours and Puke trail, which might be unpleasant...

but hopefully no puking is involved.

This short, steep climb allows you to reach the top of High Side, where the fun really begins! High Side and Hi Hi feature modern bench cutting with grade reversals, flowy bermed corners, and some interesting optional features like small jumps.

This fantastic, nontechnical descent flows along quickly, ending all too soon at another forest service road. Descend this forest service road to pick up Farside, and finish the loop with fast, mellow descending along this beginner-rated riverside singletrack.

In addition to fast, rolling singletrack, you'll enjoy beautiful views of the Cheakamus River all along the way to the trailhead!