One of the easiest trails in Squamish.


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Part of Squamish's international appeal is its extremely diverse trail system, which offers fantastic intermediate flow trails that are accessible to most mountain bikers.

This accessibility is a stark contrast to the brutal gnar found on Vancouver's North Shore and in Whistler.

Thanks to this accessibility, the intermediate flow trails are constantly flooded with riders. Even though the trails here are *more* accessible, they're still anything but easy.

If you're looking for a very easy introductory ride, try out this short ride on Rollercoaster. Rollercoaster is about as easy of a trail as you'll find in these parts, and it's also quick to access since it's located right next to a popular trailhead.

This trail provides flowy, swoopy descending with a couple of short climbs mixed in.

However, note that the trail tread isn't completely buffed and smooth.

There are a few rocks and roots protruding from the trail tread that can pose a challenge for a completely brand-new rider.

However, thanks to how wide the trail tread is, most of these obstacles can be avoided. During dry weather, some parts of Rollercoaster can get dusty and loose.

The loose dirt in the corners and layered on some of the roots can actually be the most treacherous part of this otherwise mellow, flowy, romp. If one lap on Rollercoaster isn't enough, feel free to pedal back up to the top for seconds!