A pair of top-tier jump lines tucked way back in the woods.


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Miki's Magic is a superbly-crafted jump trail with massive berms, tabletops, and a few step-ups and hips.

While Miki's Magic could be called a flow trail, it's more accurately labeled a jump line.

It's sometimes difficult to parse the difference between the two, but where some flow trails feature plenty of jumps interspersed with high-speed flowing singletrack in between, on Miki's Magic, you're either taking off, landing, or whipping through a berm to set up for the next take off.

There's no time to waste between hits! Even so, all of the jumps can be rolled over if you're not feeling them, or if you want to scope the line on your first run through.

On some of the tables, you'll find two lip options, creating small and medium-sized hits. Nothing on Miki's Magic is massive...

if you want truly huge hits, head further up the mountainside to reach the Hot Tuna trail instead. Slippery Salmon is located right next door to Miki's Magic, and it offers a very similar jump line feel of comparable difficulty.

At the time of this writing in 2022, Miki's Magic feels a bit more refined and a bit better manicured than Slippery Salmon, but it also appears that Miki's just saw a makeover from the Trail Wizards.

That's the thing with jump trails: they take a substantial amount of work to maintain, but the effort is always worth it! The route shown here follows a gravel access road to reach to Miki's Magic and Slippery Salmon.

Once out in this corner of the trail system, you can spend as much time as you want sessioning these fantastic jump lines! Doing multiple laps will definitely reward you, as on the later runs, you'll have a much better idea of what's coming and will be able to dial in your speed more precisely for the various hits. If you want to add in more trail riding on your way back, consider tacking on Man Boobs and Leave of Absence or Rupert's.