A fast, flowy loop with some great jumps.


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Only in Pemberton do these trails count as flowy intermediate trails, because there are still plenty of rocks and chunk mixed into the trail tread! Nevertheless, this short loop includes some great flow and a few fun jumps. After pedaling to the top, you'll begin by dropping into Radio Tower.

Radio Tower is a fast, flowy trail with a couple of fun jumps and berms worked into it.

The trail tread is quite wide, allowing you to open up the speed much more than on many trails in Pemberton. Next, connect to Crosstown Traffic.

This intermediate trail simply offers fun swoop and flow, with very few features aside from mellow singletrack.

For the easiest way to end this loop, take Crosstown Traffic all the way out to the forest service road.

This would reduce the technical rating from "Difficult" down to "Moderate." However, the most fun way to finish this ride is on Crosstown Jumps. Crosstown Jumps is a superbly well-built trail that, again, still has plenty of rocks, including some armored rock berms.

There are a couple of very flowy gap jumps which ride really, really well before you drop out down a steep chute to the trailhead.

A few of these rocky bits and especially the steep chute to finish make this trail a bit more difficult than you might expect on a so-called intermediate ride, but this fun, flowy romp is an absolute gem that you should try to experience if at all possible.