A rad set of trails with some punchy climbs to access them!


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You have the option to take the grueling access road up to Overnight Sensation or the more long-winded climbing trail, Nimby.

Overnight Sensation is one of the more mellow black trails that Pemberton has to offer.

Plenty of tech, a variety of awesome rock features, and really well designed.

It isn’t hard to find the flow on this trail and ride it fast.

The upper section of Radio Tower is next.

This is a short rip across some awesome corners with a few drops thrown in to take you to the Wild Potato climbing trail. Go up the road, past Mosquito Lake, up econoline to Grumpy Grouse.

You’ll only do a very short section of this trail to get to Stoked Chicken.

This is a dark blue trail that makes for the perfect warm-up for Cream Puff.

Again, this trail was built to be ridden fast and has a great mix of tech and rock features.

The final stop is Pemby’s finest trail, Cream Puff.

This is basically a slab rollercoaster with incredible flow.

The series of slabs are pretty committing from the get-go and you’ll find some tech towards the end as well.

If you found this useful, check out www.worththepedal.com for realistic trail expectations in the Sea to Sky network.