A challenging climb through the bush to one of the best lookouts in the Grampians.


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The panoramic view from Boroka Lookout is one of the greatest views in the Grampians.

From this lookout, you are able to see almost every major peak and valley in the Grampians and catch glimpses of multiple freshwater lakes.

The Boroka Lookout trail is a challenging hike but well worth it.

The hike will take you approximately 4-5 hours to complete; though if you'll want to take photos along the way so add some time for that.

The first third of the trek involves a pretty steep uphill climb through dense bushland with few markers or signposts to guide you.

And if it rains, visibility can be severely impaired due to excess tree moisture.

Look out for trail markers as the track continues through thick vegetation, often hidden behind vines and shrubs.

Keep an eye out for small creeks and follow them uphill until you return back above ground level again.

Once you emerge on the ridge the trail is much easier to follow. There is another option for the less adventurous: a car park at the Boroka Lookout gives an easy two-minute stroll to the views - but where's the fun in that?! As always with a hike like this check local conditions before setting out as the area has been affected by wildfires in recent years.