A stand-out walk in the Melbourne area, the Lerderberg Gorge Circuit from O'Briens Crossing is a challenging, but rewarding, hike.


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The Lerderderg Gorge Circuit is a challenging 13km / 4 hour hike outside of Bacchus Marsh.

It’s a remote and challenging walk that climbs up from the banks of the Lerderderg River, across rocky outcrops and through eucalyptus forests.

Setting out from O'Briens Crossing, the 'E Walk' trail follows the Lerderberg River downstream.

A spectacular section of trail, it's possible to spot the native wildlife that inhabit the area.

The area was heavily mined a couple of hundred years ago, and there are still mine shafts in the area.

It goes without saying that if you decide to explore them do so carefully! Around 6km from the trailhead take a left on to Cowan Track and follow this trail up through the bush.

A challenging climb up along the ridge, there are some stunning views of the National Park and over towards Melbourne.

It is possible to explore beyond Cowan Track - the out-and-back Trout Track forks off close to the end of the trail - but you'll eventually follow Shortcut Track back down to O'Briens Crossing. A relatively remote trail, it's always essential to check local conditions (particularly in Summer) before setting out.

And while you'll be following the river be sure to take plenty of food and water.