Rowdy EWS race route on Blackcomb Mountain.


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Crazy Train is a classic Blackcomb lap filled with steep chutes, big rock rolls, and fast fall line riding! Starting from Base 2 in Blackcomb, you will begin by pedaling up the Blackcomb climb past the entrances to Instant Gratification, Roam in the Loam, and Golden Boner before doing a big switchback up the ski run until you reach out of the Dust.

Be prepared for some steep fire road grunting! From here, it is a short technical climb to the top of Crazy Train.

The route begins with a cruxy rock chute from the very top.

Watch out for your pedals!! You will then continue down, making sure to avoid the steep straight-down lines from the original build! These aren't advised unless you brought your rappel kit!! The route continues through a series of tight chutes and fast traverses in an amazing old-growth forest! About halfway down, you will want to take the left line around the very steep and eroded chute to bring you to a long and very picturesque rock roll (see Route photo).

Make sure you trut that front brake! From here, you get a brief break before a final steep chute followed by a technical rock move into a tight corner.

Finish blasting out on the loamy singletrack back to the access road! This was used in the EWS 2018 as a stage.

Imagine flying down this in under 5 minutes!