A roundtrip from a great ski area to a great mountain hut!


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



Although this tour begins in a ski area, it quickly takes you into some serious, wild and beautiful terrain.

It is a full day outing that will test your mountain skills and fitness.

It crosses and passes under steep terrain on just about every aspect so make sure you only do this tour on a day with favourable avalanche conditions.

Start at the top of the HoheMutBahn chairlift in the ski resort of Kühtai and ski for 30 metres down the Alpenrose red piste and then branch off this and hike uphill to a col overlooking the stunning Speicher Finstertal lake.

Ski down steeply to the Dam at the northern end of the lake and then cross the dam to reach the eastern shore.

Skin the length of the eastern shore and then, upon reaching the southern end of the lake, skin up through a narrow valley to the south-east.

This gradually opens and turns south and naturally pushes you up onto the Schartenkopf peak, which has brilliant views of the Ötztal mountains. Drop off this, following a ramp and then a mellow valley to the foot of the Kraspressspitze's south ridge.

Pass around the foot of this and then skin directly up to the summit of the peak itself.

From here it's downhill all the way so savour the fact that you're done with physical effort and only have some fun skiing to come.

Ski down the south-east ridge of the Kraspressspitze and then drop left off this and follow the valley below as it winds down to the spectacular and wild Krasprestal valley.

Follow this out easily on a well established track to reach the peaceful Schärmer Alm hut.

Before you take the bus back to either Innsbruck or Kühtai, be sure to have a drink at this charming little hut.