A long tour which takes you onto one of the Tirol's most famous peaks.


7 - 8









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a big day on a big peak; make sure you are fit and that conditions are safe before you attempt it! Park up at the Gasthof Feuerstein at the end of the Gschnitztal Valley and then skin west-northwest for just over a kilometre up a track in the base of the valley.

Cross a bridge over the river that sits in the valley and continue along the foot of a forest to a shallow gully which passes skinner's left of the forest.

Skin up this gully and into the large valley above. Continue up this valley, picking the best and safest line possible on the left hand (when looking up) side.

This valley is prone to avalanche, both skier triggered and natural, so be extremely aware of conditions and turn around if you are unsure about the stability of the snow. At the head of the valley aim for a slanting, wide gully to looker's left of Habicht's summit.

Climb this on foot to reach the cross at the top of the peak. The view across the peaks of the Stubai Valley and south to the mountains of the Sud Tirol is utterly spectacular.

However, don't spend too long soaking it in because you will need to descend the route you came up and conditions change quickly.

Get skiing before things get too dangerous and slushy lower down. Once back at the Gasthof there are plenty of options for refuelling!