A beautiful loop that manages to avoid the crowds drawn to Blackheath and offers beautiful views for locals and visitors alike.


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With an abundance of trails on offer around Blackheath, it's no surprise that there are some that are 'less trodden'.

Porters Pass and Colliers Causeway is one such trail.

But don't be mistaken: just because it's not as popular as some of the other trails in the area doesn't mean it's not worth exploring.

Popular with locals and climbers alike, the trail is moderately challenging, and likely to take up to two hours to complete. Starting out from the corner of Burton Road, Porters Pass follows hand carved stairs down into the valley, passing the waterfalls along Centennial Glen Creek.

As it winds away from the creek, the trail passes under huge sandstone cliffs on one side, and gullies that open up to reveal dense forest on the other.

Turning upwards, the lush rainforests draw you back towards the cliff top, where you can choose one of multiple paths back to your start point. There are numerous little detours that are worth investigation on the trail, making this a great, short day hike.

Trail conditions in the Blue Mountains have been heavily affected by recent bush fires and heavy rainfall.

Check the NPNSW website for the latest trail information before setting out.