One of the most coveted lines in the Delirium Dive Area









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Ride the Great Divide Express chairlift up to just below the summit of Brewster Rock/Lookout Mountain.

At the top of the chairlift is a gate which can only be opened by a turned-on avalanche transceiver.

As well as needing your transceiver you need a ski partner, a shovel and a probe, without which ski patrol will prevent you from going through the gate. Provided you have a ski partner and are correctly equipped, go through the gate and make the 5 minute hike up to Lookout Mountain.

From the summit of the mountain there are various entrances to Delirium, the steepest of which is X-Dive.

Go past this entrance and descend the metal stairs and go past the primary Dive Proper Entrance.

From here, ascend to the very top of Galaxy Ridge.

Once you get to the top of Galaxy Ridge, you'll see it: a gorgeous wide-open line that seems to go on forever! The snow quality will almost undoubtedly be superb.

The only thing you must be EXTREMELY careful of is the massive cliffs directly below the line.

Therefore, before it's too late, make sure to cut skiers' left to join up with the Dive Proper route.

In terms of difficulty, this might actually be the easiest route in the Delirium Dive freeride area, though the difficulty of access will keep Dive Proper as the preferred route and the crows away from this line!