Zion National Park's iconic vertigo-inducing hike to a heavenly view.


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The Angels Landing Trail is the world-renowned must-do of Zion National Park, notorious for "the chains" that guard the final overlook.

The chains are an upward traverse of an exposed ridgeline that drops away sheerly for hundreds of feet.

In the steepest parts, steps are cut in the rock, and chains are anchored for support, but a slip can certainly be fatal.

The difficulty is mostly mental, however, and anyone of average physical fitness who is not afraid of heights can make the trek.

Conquering your fear is well worth it for the view at the end—a panorama up and down Zion Canyon, in the middle of this great gorge, with the river far below and rim high above. Reaching the chains requires a sustained uphill hike on a well-maintained trail.

It begins as a gradual slope along the river then climbs a sunny set of switchbacks into a shady side canyon.

The grade then lessens for a while before another set of switchbacks to reach the ridgeline and a trail junction.

Here there is a restroom and flat spot to rest, but no drinking water or other supplies.

The chains come shortly after, leading out the ridge to the top of its spectacular prow in the main canyon. Anyone unsure about the chains should turn around after the junction where the trail gains the ridgeline.

Views are still quite rewarding from here, and there is no shame in avoiding the risk of the chains. The hike is 2.4 miles one way and approximately 1500 feet elevation gain to the Angels Landing viewpoint beyond the chains. Sources https://utah.com/zion-national-park/angels-landing https://www.citrusmilo.com/zionguide/angelslanding.cfm