A mellow tour up a peaceful valley and then into a huge, open bowl.


7 - 8









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a fairly long tour but an easy one, complete with a lovely summit at the end. Drive up from Innsbruck towards the ski resort of Kühtai but 5 kilometres before reaching it, turn off left and park in the tiny village of Haggen, right next to the Schärmer Alm mountain hut.

Grab a quick coffee and then skin up the spectacular valley to the south-west of the hut. The skinning is easy but the scenery dramatic and as you follow the clear track up the valley you can soak in your surroundings and enjoy the ambience.

The lower valley steepens briefly to pass around a small waterfall and then mellows again and heads due south towards some cliffs.

Just before you reach the cliffs the valley leads you out leftwards and then round to the south and up into a huge, open bowl.

Follow this southwards and pass beneath the Haidenspitze and Rotgrubenspitze to gain a narrower (but still mellow) valley which winds around to the Zwieselbacher Roßkogel, passing a beautiful little lake just before you get to the summit.

After a long and gentle ascent take your time to soak in the amazing surroundings, which include fabulous views of the Stubai and Otztal peaks.

The ski back down is fun, straightforward and scenic so enjoy every turn and take plenty of time to enjoy being in these high and wild mountains.

Once back at the carpark there are ample choices at the hut to replenish the calories you've burned on this tour!