Heading up Glacier Basin to Snowboard the Interglacier in powder conditions



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The Interglacier is one of if not the biggest line within the Southern Cascades without being on the summit of a volcano.

Starting at 9,700 feet this lines has 3,000 feet of fall line turns before even seeing a tree.

Add to that since it is Northeast facing this area normally gets loaded with snow because of both its proximity to the summit and with a bit of wind it loads up with snow from the Emmons or Winthrop Glaciers.

While this trip was during early Spring you can still find great turns here all the way until late July. Leaving from the Snowpark at the base of Crystal Mountain Boulevard snowmobile 16 miles up the road until arriving at the White River Campground.

From here you need to make your way up the Glacier Basin trail where if the snowpack is deep you can wrap around the final hill and cross the Intercreek before skinning into Glacier Basin.

Now just keep heading west up the basin before wrapping to the southwest.

The moment the valley turns you are standing at the base of the Interglacier.

The first few hundred feet are the steepest as you make a few well placed switchbacks but before long the slope mellows out.

Keep gaining elevating by heading south and soon enough you will spot the summit ridge.

The best way to get up top is to gain the ridge before taking the final steps and standing on top of Steamboat Prow. No matter wether it is in powder conditions or spring corn it is a great ride back down into the valley.

Being that this line is so big it could hold numerous groups of people with no fear of running into other peoples tracks.

Riding down into the basin make sure to keep up your speed as the slopes quickly mellow out.

If you were lucky enough you can ride all the way down to where you crossed the stream.

From here on out just follow the Glacier Basin trail where a skier doesn’t need to take of his skis but snowboards will have a handful of sections where you need to walk.

Soon enough you will be back at the White River Campground and if you used a snowmobile there is a good chance you will be riding back out in the dark. To see my trip in the area and more photos check out this link https://www.whereiskylemiller.com/mt-rainier/interglacier-in-early-spring/