A stunning ski tour up the Rees Valley



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Mount Clark is a stunning peak within the Otago area that with a bit of an approach you are rewarded to some of the better views in New Zealand.

Like most places you need to expect to get your feet wet as it does contain some relatively easy water crossings.

Based in the Rees River Valley the only semi technical part of reaching the summit is the approach but in exchange it’s a great ski in a relatively quiet area during the winter. Starting just north of Glenorchy drive up the Rees Valley road until arriving at the Rees Track parking lot.

From here you will have to carry your skis for a while as you head north following the trail.

Passing by Mount Earnslaw you will encounter numerous side creeks before crossing a bridge over to the western side of the river.

Make your way over to the base of Clarks Slip and start climbing up the slopes.

Make sure to take every step with caution as it is steep and a fall could become serious fast.

Once near the top make your way south to wrap around the cliff band and gain the low ridge. Once on the ridge it is a mellow but sustained climb all the way up to the summit of Mount Clarke.

Standing on the summit you are looking down at both the Rees and Dart valleys and numerous glaciated peaks in numerous directions.

For the descent you can ride down the Glacier for a bit but make sure to traverse back to the ridge as you will need to down climb Clarke Slip.

In my opinion the slip is the most dangerous part of the trip so make sure to have both good footholds and handholds on both the climb and the descent but once back down in the valley just retrace your approach back to the parking lot. For more pictures and the full story check out this link https://www.whereiskylemiller.com/new-zealand/ski-touring-mount-clarke/