A great north facing basin within the Tatoosh Range


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Sunbeam Basin is another option if you are looking to find north facing slopes within the Eastern side of Mount Rainier.

Being that this bowl has numerous different aspects being both treed and open you can easily navigate in the worst of conditions.

This area is quite large so it can fit numerous groups with each having there own fresh tracks yet using the same skin track.

From steeps to mellow lines this is a great ski tour for people of all skiing abilities. Heading up the Paradise Road you need to start this tour at the Narada Falls Parking lot.

Make your way East up the open slopes and with a few well places switchbacks you are on the Stevens Canyon Road.

Keep making your way on the road passing by Reflection lake and under a north slope before arriving at the outflow of Sunbeam Basin. Start climbing up the main drainage on its lookers right and soon you will have a view of the whole basin.

This is a great spot to start thinking about potential lines before heading southwest via the treed slopes which soon arrives on the ridge separating Pinnacle Glacier Basin.

From here you can head southeast until arriving at the top of Sunbeam Basin.

Being on the ridge you have numerous options for descents and as long as they all head in a northerly direction will bring you back to the bottom.

Once you’ve had your powder fix for the day just retrace your skin track all the way back to the open slopes above the Narada Falls Parking lot and make a few ski turns down to the parking lot. To see my trip in the area and more photos check out this link https://www.whereiskylemiller.com/mt-rainier/sunbeam-basin/